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    I couldn’t have chosen a better place. Ferris is the best school for me. It is such an amazing place to be at and such an amazing place to get involved in. People are so passionate about what they do here at Ferris.
    Allyson Faulkner, Junior
    College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
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    I love the community here at Ferris, and I like how friendly and relatable all the students are… Ferris, to me, is an opportunity to better myself and be a better version of myself.
    Patience Gwion, Senior
    Human Resource Management
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    What I like most about the major is how hands-on it is. Right away, you get into learning about the camera, working with the camera, going to Media Supply. Another thing I like about it is it’s small enough that pretty much everybody in the major knows each other.
    Erin Dusa, Freshman
    Television and Digital Media Production
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    Right now, I’m [president] of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc., at the Upsilon Epsilon Chapter here at Ferris State… Being here is just an opportunity for me to achieve myself and be bigger.
    Leonardo Almanza, Junior
    Criminal Justice
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    Join us on Nov. 7 to explore Ferris virtually.

    Dawg Days

    Dive-in and discover everything Ferris has to offer you at Dawg Days. This year, we're taking Dawg Days virtual. Log in to meet with faculty, staff and students from every part of our University and learn how Ferris can move you forward.


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    Programs that move you forward.

    Lead the Way

    Our academic colleges offer programs that take you way beyond a degree. In our classrooms, you will work with experts in your field. You will encounter immersive, transformative experiences. You will get ready to lead the way.


    Ferris Events


    Head to lot one for a Halloween classic.


    Dive into a discussion on successful leadership.


    Try your luck and win some prizes with fellow Bulldogs.

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    Latest News

    Message to Students from Joy Pulsifer, Dean of Student Life
    Oct. 30, 2020
    Joy Pulsifer, Dean of Student Life, shares the latest updates for students.
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